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Bella Garris

That alone is what keeps me strong in the community, that anyone can be part of this world.”
~Bella Garris

I first met Bella through my improv troupe. She is a strong supporter and comes to all of our shows. After one of our shows, she joined us for dinner and I had the honor of sitting next to her. Since then, I have little by little learned more about Miss Bells, who is smart, funny, and has a heart of gold. Bella is a strong supporter of the burlesque community, which I’ll be honest, I know little about. Bella says that the art form gives women and men everywhere a chance to perform regardless of age, background or body shape and she feels that the genre is empowering to be around. Tonight we will learn more about Bella herself, and the world of burlesque.


The fundraiser is called Las Vegas Loves Its Legends: A Burlesque Fundraiser.  The event takes place on Friday, April 27th at 8pm at Artifice and features ten local performers and scheduled performances by living burlesque legends Marinka, Queen of the Amazons; Bambi Jones; Georgette Dante; Gina Bon Bon; and Tiffany Carter.

There will be raffles and a silent auction.

Included in those are autographed pieces of burlesque memorabilia as well as costume pieces worn by actual legends.

All proceeds raised from the event will help living legends travel to the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender held the first weekend in June here in Las Vegas.  Burlesque is an art form that has been passed down through performance and tradition.

For many living legends, the weekender is their only chance to reconnect with old friends from the business and provide guidance, advice and encouragement to the new performers of today.  Performers from around the world attend the Weekender to honor those that have inspired them.  And what better way to honor the past than by preserving it – which is what the BHOF Museum works hard to do every day.

So for us, the fundraiser is doubly necessary – assist legends with travel expenses so they can attend the Weekender and raise awareness not only about the BHOF Museum but about the art of burlesque in general.

Just plug the fundraiser and the museum and encourage them to check out local burlesque..  I will get the info for Brown


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