Watch out for evil tools doing things without you

March for Ending our Rights

One of my friends on Facebook posted that she was getting rid of her microwave. I’ve heard the crazy stories about atomic structures of food, degrading vitamins, yadda yadda — but this was not part of her logic. She’s doing it for health reasons, she said. “I hardly ever if never cook “healthy” food in the microwave. It’s all about pizza rolls, chicken nuggets and hot dogs.”

Just in case she reads this (I doubt it, but just in case,) I’m not judging — God knows I am not the pinnacle of health. That has nothing to do with my point. What concerns me is that she and so many who supported her on this post saw this as not only logical, but something to celebrate.

So…let me get this straight…it’s the MICROWAVE’s fault that you eat junk food?

I have always hated the passive language used by news outlets, mainly to remove the perpetrator from the equation. Headlines read, “8 pedestrians were stuck by a truck.” or “Truck plows into pedestrians.” Uh…no. The DRIVER may have been in a truck at the time, and the DRIVER hit the pedestrians. Why are we blaming the vehicle?

This really gave me some insight to the current mindset of society. People don’t eat poorly; microwaves force them to. People don’t run over pedestrians; the vehicles do. People don’t shoot people; guns do. Hammers hit things, saws saw things, and screwdrivers…well… (I guess that lets Bubba Bill off the hook, huh?)

[ctt template=”1″ link=”6ngzY” via=”no” ]We create these tools in good faith and then act like they go out and do terrible things without us. [/ctt]

So, let’s blame the tool — not the users — and the only solution is to punish everyone who has tools, even though 99.99999999999% of us use them correctly.

Which makes sense. Until you load a gun, set it on a table, and leave it there expecting it to grow legs and shoot people.

I get the hysteria. I do. Anyone who has ever been calm during an emergency while everyone else runs around screaming knows that it is only when we are calm and rational that we see our way through the storm. Nuking the planet because you are afraid of thunder is not the way. Calm the hell down and learn something before you go spouting illegitimate statistics and baseless accusations.

And, for God’s sake, STOP using children as your puppets.

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