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Catching up


We had lunch with the Big Kahuna himself, Proof Negative on Thursday. Had some of the best fish and chips in the area at the Lakes Lounge. Always a pleasure to catch up and plan for the future of our radio network and Barefoot is Legal.


Melanie won the Division H Toastmasters Table Topics Contest. Barefoot. At a shoe company.  This stuff writes itself. Table Topics are an opportunity to practice impromptu speaking, which is a great skill to develop. Go to Toastmasters.org to find a cub near you.

Good news

Dog That Shoplifted a Book on ‘Abandonment’ is Given the Love It Was Asking For


High School Student’s Ingenious Solution Could Save Bees From Drinking Poisonous Water

These Ordinary Hats Are Actually Bicycle Helmets That Could Save Thousands of Lives

Toddler Wakes Up Right When Parents Agree to Remove Life Support, Doctors Call it Easter Miracle

Rants and Rabbit holes

What would a TV show featuring a Constitutional Super Hero be like if if was a Quinn Martin production a la THE FBI or THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO? Tune into THE O’REITZ FILES to find out.

Donate life

Dog Abby

Intro Read Abby’s answer here.



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