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We took a different approach from our formula at the beginning of our show. We started by paying tribute to Art Bell, whose show COAST TO COAST AM was a precursor to shows like many of the ones found on Freedomizer. We also sent well wishes and prayers to Barbara Bush, who has been hospitalized and is not expected to be around much longer. We both consider her a great example of a First Lady. We discussed a shooting in our neck of the woods (at Sunset Park) that happened as we were preparing for the show. Our scheduled interview guest was a first responder, so we were not sure if he would be available, but he came through for them AND us. Thank you Phil!

Rants and Rabbit holes

Also unlike most recent shows, we were not able to present a sketch. Quite frankly, the issue dominating the news, our attack on Syria, has the both of us quite upset. As of this posting, we are not convinced that Assad was responsible. (In fact, it would have been more likely to be ISIS or a similar group that did this.) And this behavior on the part of President Trump runs counter to his style of leadership. Did the FBI finally and really find something incriminating on him? On the other hand, we don’t have as many facts in front of us as do Mr. Trump and members of Congress. On the other OTHER hand, that kind of makes everything even MORE suspect. Oy, our heads…This is one of the reasons we tend not to discuss politics on our show.


Dog Abby

What do you do when your spouse goes nuts in Sin City? Read Abby’s answer here.



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