Ok…lemmee see here…

I own a business. I pay the rent, the power, the water/sewer/trash, and all the supplies — including toiletries for patrons. I pay extra for the smooth jazz over the system, which I also paid to install, and I pay extra for all the losses from jackholes stealing stuff from the front end. I have to cover my employees’ wages, medical, unemployment taxes, uniforms, and I even come in on my days off to cover for them when their kids are sick or they have to study for a final. I pay for a custodian to ensure the place is clean. I have to pay taxes on the parking lot, taxes on the franchise rights, taxes on every purchase, and taxes for every item we sell. I even have to pay an insane amount in liability insurance should you trip over your own feet on the way in. I pay for the wifi that you connect to for free, even if you don’t come inside. I even bought all of the furniture you are planting your ass on, for free, while my ACTUAL customers are standing.

Come on! The least you could do is buy a freaking cup of coffee. Oh. You already brought your own drink. Wow. That’s kinda rude, innit? I mean, who does that?

Oh, wait…that’s racist…God forbid I should hold EVERYONE to the same standards. Silly me.





Opening/closing music “Clear Day” from Bensound

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