Cat Max is on the case

Cat Max – Bare Arms

Not to be outdone by his big sister, Max wants to try his paw at answering letters. He did so well last time that we told him no.


…so he insisted on chiming in about current events…




Greetings and salutations, my friends! For the last few months, I have been hearing Mumsy and Father discussing the constipational right to bare arms. Well, not only do I have 4 bare arms, but my front two paws even have thumbs! So I feel I am eminently qualified to discuss this right.

I must start with a serious question: What on earth would possess a human, a cat, or any other creature to forbid another to use their arms? I need all 4 of mine simply to walk around! And Father would not be able to do his myriad jobs without using both of his arms. Can you imagine writing, acting, or shooting photographs with only one arm? And how could Mumsy gesticulate in her inimitable fashion when speaking or teaching without the full use of her arms, let alone write her wonderful books? The tyranny of those who would stop my beloved parents from using both of their arms to bring home the kibble is an assault on all of the values we hold dear.

I simply cannot fathom the mentality of someone who would limit the full movement of another’s body parts, especially their arms. After all, how would I be able to cover my messes after relieving myself without the use of my…

…Mumsy just informed me that I may perhaps have misunderstood the Second Amendment. Carry on.

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