Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Have a Soy Reparation Mocha, On the House!

Catching up


Jim is back to writing. In addition to the sketches and ads he writes for the show, he’s also actively working on two screenplays. He is looking forward to getting back on stage and in front of the camera soon!


Writing, writing, writing, teaching, teaching, TEACHING! In addition, she had another great show with the Las Vegas Improvisational Players, including our friend and former guest Jody Reynolds, who brilliantly lent his talent to tonight’s “Starcucks” sketch.

Good news

From Max: Win stuff for your local animal shelter by teaching your cat to “high five.” Max and Jim are going to start working on this now.

From Abby:  Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing if it Sings Along With its Favorite Tune (Hint: it’s the theme to a popular Israeli TV show.)

From Jim: Meet The Former Fighter Pilot With ‘Nerves Of Steel’ Who Landed The Southwest Flight Never mind Diana Prince. This is a real-life Wonder Woman!

Rants and Rabbit holes

We are compelled yet again to discuss the importance of the second amendment. Saying guns kill people is like saying forks cause obesity. We replayed our BILL O’REITZ episode THE GRABBER! We also discussed how horrible Jim is at boycotting companies. We then played our brand new STARCUCKS sketch. (We seriously believe Starbucks went too far with this whole situation.)

Dog Abby

Dog Abby is still working on replying to her most recent letter, so special guest Cat Max lends his considerable voice to the discussion on the 2nd Amendment…or does he?

Max has something to say.


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