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Shave and a haircut… too short! (Had a run in with some clippers a few days ago) Jim also made another concession to old age: getting reading glasses. Oh well…After hearing Philip K Dick’s speech at the end of Ancient of Days, Jim picked up a copy of his novel FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID. He is enjoying the book, and will talk about it more when he finishes it.

He also wished his dear old Mum a happy birthday. She must marvel at how the boy whose diapers she changed is now a wrinkled, balding old fart with reading glasses.


Melanie is getting ready for the Toastmasters contest in Bakersfield next weekend. (She shall bring it!) She is also continuing work on her books and webinars. You can find her latest Clear and Persuasive Business Writing 101 here.


Good news

This is insanely cool…Friends of Disabled Man Carry Him Up Mountain So He Can Go Volcano Surfing


Rants and Rabbit holes

Our scheduled AGENT ORANGE sketch has been postponed due to technical issues. We will play it next week! We are proud of this one.

We talked about the rise and fall of one Dr. William H. Cosby Jr. Although we believe that many of his accusers were liars, hangers-on and “serial accusers,” we know that he has admitted drugging women and having sex with them. The fact that he made his Pound Cake speech knowing that he was hardly the role model he made himself out to be was the beginning of his downfall. He was one of our favorite entertainers (Jim in particular cites Cos as a huge influence on his stand-up comedy), and this is a huge disappointment.

We also made a jab at 60 Minutes, and Fake News in general. (Our show is better —- tune in!)



Dog Abby

How does a man deal with his new girlfriend’s teenage sons? Read Abby’s answer here.


Special Guests: Barefoot is Legal

Starting May 4, take off your shoes to put off a bully. Join the #barefootagainstbullying Challenge!

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