Blood, Ice, and Veterans

Catching up


Jim wishes everyone a great Mothers Day. He has finished Philip K Dick’s masterpiece FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID (Thanks, Tessa!) Great, great novel. This has inspired him to continue writing. More stuff to come.

Our friend Jennifer (a real live Vegas chef) prepared a sumptuous meal for us on Wednesday in exchange for our feedback on a speech she is preparing. It was a great evening. Jennifer also came to Las Vegas Improvisational Players. We love friends like her!


Speaking of LVIP, our friends Mitch and Wendy came in from Seattle on Saturday and surprised Melanie by coming to the show. We will hopefully get to see them once more while they are here. As for Melanie, she had a successful live webinar on Wednesday, Essential Communication Techniques for Administrative Professionals. She has committed to finishing at least one book per year.


Good news

Our friends and past guests Darryl Small and Lauren Coe have tied the ol’ knot! Congratulations, love, and best wishes for a long, loving life together.

From Jim: Billionaire Opens New Mental Health Clinic In Colorado To Treat Veterans And Their Families This puts the lie (again) to all rich people being greedy and selfish.


From Melanie: Man Who Has Saved The Lives Of Over 2 Million Babies Makes His Final Blood Donation An amazing man has saved many lives.


Watch the Moment When ALS Patient Who Inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge Speaks With His Voice Again


Rants and Rabbit holes

We present a new Starcucks ad. Find out what happens when they capitulate and let EVERYONE use their restrooms.


Dog Abby

What do you do when your new boss insults you in the form of jokes? Read Abby’s answer here.

Doggie Dollah


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