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Catching up


Jim is now writing daily! He is also reading autobiographies of and interviews with his favorite actors to get re-inspired. Currently reading a series of interviews with Al Pacino, for example.


Melanie is still working on her books, several of which are scheduled to be released later this year. As summer is here, she is not tutoring as much, although other work continues to occupy her time.

Good news

They said that a hockey team in Las Vegas was folly. But in their first year, the Golden Knights have made it to the Stanley Cup! 

From Jim (or more accurately, Max von Regalbeezer and Phrytzie Phluphybottom): How to Fix Group Photos With Ex-Boyfriends: Replace Him With the Family Cat!

From Melanie: In 1998, She Found A Baby Buried Alive. 20 Years Later, They Reunite

Rants and Rabbit holes

Colin Kapernick still sucks, and is even less relevant with each passing day. His name will no longer be mentioned on our show, and actually wasn’t tonight.

Moving on from whats-his-name, we present our newest sketch, a CNN spoof that takes euphemism to its logical extreme. Welcome back our old friends Don, Christianne, Monica, and General Havoc!


Dog Abby

What do you do if you are a football widow and your husband just doesn’t care? Read Abby’s answer here.

Doggie Dollah


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