The first annual special!

The ONE YEAR Anniversary Special!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Has it REALLY been a year already? We decided to forego the usual format of our show and instead reminisce about our beginnings, our changes, our successes (and room for improvement), and play some of our best spoofs. We also talked about our plans and hopes for the future of our show.

When Proof offered us our own time slot on Sundays (after co-hosting on his show), we had a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish…some political talk, maybe some interviews. Mélanie came up with the idea of DOG ABBY, which Jim thought was a silly idea, but went along with it. It has become one of Jim’s favorite parts of the show (you go, Abby!)

Eventually we decided to devote the second half of each show to an interview. Since then, we have booked authors, Vegas entertainers, political candidates of all stripes (no “gotchas” on this show, EVER!), renowned motivational speakers, you name it! The best is yet to come.

Jim has found his artistic groove again, writing spoofs and sketches for the show, which Mélanie records and produces. Jim says that he likes to take real-life situations (and stupid things politicians and pundits say) and stretch them into the absurd. He has had particular success with his character FBI Agent Orange. We played our series of Orange sketches, every single one of them based (sadly) on actual events. We also presented one of our CNN spoofs.

We then switched focus to the Dog Abby segment, which Mélanie produces. She puts herself into the mind of a Golden Retriever and helps give advice that is sweet, sensitive and simple, yet at the same time, wiser than that which most humans are equipped to give.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us upgrade our equipment and our production level. Please go to our Support Us page to find out how you can help!

Throughout the show, we received tributes from many guests and fans of the show. We are so grateful to you all…we wouldn’t be here without you! Also, special thanks to Proof Negative and Freedomizer Radio for the opportunity.

Year Two begins next week-don’t miss it!


Dog Abby

All three pets wanted to give advice. Abby had to step in to fix it.

Doggie Dollah


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