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Civil War and Back at You

Catching up


Jimmy missed the show last week because he was out forsoothing and verilying (for the NV Shakespeare Institute). Mélanie held down the fort with her should-be sister, Esther.


She has some more (yes, more!) upcoming webinars. Check out her latest here:

How to Write Like a Leader

Go here for a 50% discount on her next:

Marketing and Social Media Writing Tips
August 29, 2018
1:00PM EST – 2:00PM EST

Discount code: B7030238

She’s also working on more animations for the YouTube page!

Good news

Woman searches for her sister for seven years, only to find that she moved in next door:


Man buys out failing Toys R Us to give to charity:

Mystery Person Spends $1 Million at Toys ‘R’ Us So They Can Donate All of the Goodies to Kids


Rants and Rabbit holes

WTF with civility? Why is being kind and civilized now considered “privileged?”  NUTS! Mélanie relates that she is privileged to be awake to reality. Skin color be damned. Of course, what else would a racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, whateverinthefuckophobic say?

Dog Abby

What do you do when your (supposedly not-gay) dad’s friend grabs your (decidedly not-gay) ass? Read Abby’s answer here.


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