Jeffrey Michaels

Jeffrey Michaels

My favorite show I’ve ever done is the one I’m doing now.”
~Jeffrey Michaels

Tonight’s guest in an insanely talented man. I know because he sent me his actual resume. He plays the guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, and drums. He is trained in ballroom dancing, contemporary jazz, tap, hip-hop, and ballet. He sings. He writes. He’s even done live stunt-man stuff. He’s released 6 albums and has one on the way. Jim and I had the great honor of working with him this Christmas in the Nutcracker, in which he played the toymaker Drosselmeyer. He’s not only talented; he’s a genuine, sweet man with a wonderful sense of humor. And ladies, he is straight and single (he paid me extra for that).

Jeffrey has had an amazing career, fraught with big stars and lots of travel. He has overcome great odds (literally living with a broken back, yet still dancing), and has an attitude that inspires others.

I’m an open book. Too bad so many people are illiterate.”

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