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Catching up

Jim and Mélanie

We have started a daily routine that has already improved our health and our attitudes. We wake up at 5:30 (3 full hours before the start of Jim’s Day Job), go for a walk in the park next door, have a healthy breakfast with plenty of coffee, and make entries into our respective Gratitude Journals. We do this 7 days a week. Jim sleeps better on far fewer hours, and has felt a marked difference in his overall day. Melanie has found it to improve her general outlook and creativity.

Good news

Veteran-Run Business is Left Destitute When Equipment is Stolen, But People Spend $15K to Replace It

Weird and Funny News

Publix grocery store sees dirty word in ‘Summa Cum Laude,’ censors cake

Couple Finds Funny Hidden Message From Former Owners In Their Bathroom


Rants and Rabbit holes

Our sketch this week features the return of Howard Schmutz from Starcucks, making an important announcement!

We filled in for Tessa on Ancient of Days earlier in the evening, and talked on both shows about what a sorry state Britain, and London in particular, is in. The Trump baby “blimp” was relatively tiny, as was the crowd of professional protesters. Their mayor talked out both sides of his mouth advocating for free speech, as long as it’s against Trump. Blatant, Siddiq!

Dog Abby

A husband is tired of his wife’s inability to drive since she was in an accident. What should he do? Read Abby’s answer here.

Doggie Dollah


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