Old Coots and Periscopes

Catching Up

Jim is preparing for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING on September 9th! If you are in Vegas, check it out. Melanie continues to produce great videos to accompany our sketches.  A few more are in the works – stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out our new promo video:

Our daily Walks with Abby are live on Periscope every morning between 630 and 7:00 am Pacific time. Our audience is quickly growing. Is it because of our point-on social and political analysis, or is it just because they like to see Abby play Fetch? We have our suspicions, but whatever reason, please tune in.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

A snake slithers into an Arkansas school and bites the principal!

A church that sells BEER and believes Jesus was killed by white supremacists!

Old coots give advice! It ain’t necessarily good advice, but it’s free!

Rants and Rabbit Holes

On our walk today and tonight’s show, we discussed the Passing of Senator John McCain. He was a large figure in American politics, but it wasn’t his career we were primarily talking about. Our interest is in the strange way that the mainstream media, which for years bashed the Senator from Arizona, was suddenly lionizing him. Why? Because he opposed Trump. That was all it took for the Fakery Bakery to warm up to him. Interesting, no?

Dog Abby

Abby revisits a classic letter, with the names changed to protect the guilty. She cannot understand why it is bad for people to hate each other over stupid things like fur (skin) color, but socially acceptable to hate an entire SPECIES.

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