John Kinde

Never stop learning.

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Our guest tonight is one of my heroes. He’s a magician, a comic, an incredible speaker, and an amazing mentor. He is generous with his time and always open to a challenge. You can find his writing all over prominent publications including the New Yorker and Toastmaster’s Magazine. He also dissects and explains humor in his talks and on his blog at With a background like that, I just knew John would be the perfect April Fools’ Day guest. But April Fool’s fooled me! Our file was corrupt, and we had to spend the episode vamping and never got to play John’s interview. Luckily, I saved all of the original recordings, which were done via phone, so please forgive the sound quality. Following is the first half of the interview with Distinguished Toastmaster, Accredited Speaker, Magician, and Humor Master, John Kinde.

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