Glenn Balantyne on CCW Radio!

Glenn Ballantyne

“When children are put in a place where they feel safe and respected, they will blossom.”
~Glenn Ballantyne


Glenn and I met over a serendipitous event that began with a search for a dragonfly logo for a children’s program. Through creating a design for that program, I got to know this kindhearted man who gives so much to his community. Glenn is head of Kreativo, an award-winning Marketing and PR firm in Pueblo, Colorado. With degrees in both sociology and music, Glenn has a lot to offer to any classroom or event. It had been over a year since I designed the logo for Playful Spirit Gardening when Glenn reached out to me again for no reason other than to thank me. His gift of kindness made a difficult day brighter, and I replied with my humble gratitude and an invite to be on our show. Both Jim and I have been looking forward to learning more about tonight’s guest, Glenn Ballantyne!

Playful spirit gardening is a 45-minute workshop for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. It is a stimulating environment of music, movement, Q&A, and planting a seed. The theme is the connection of all life and environmental stewardship. Listeners will enjoy short stories about how kids say the most unexpected and funny things.

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