Cattastic show!

Catching up

Our show ended up being a little cat-centric, with an Interview to the Max, two fun stories involving cats, Abby incorporating her kitties in her answer, and the Ginger going out of her freaking mind (meow).


Jim is taking a temporary break from acting to work on the second episode of FONTANA. He has already visualized who he wants to cast in certain roles. They are the ones he has submitted copies of the first episode’s script to. Stay tuned.


Check out her webinar for Doyens on Sept. 25 at 10A Pacific:
Effective memos and emails

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Max shared this story:

Man Visits Shelter To Brush Cats And Occasionally Falls Asleep

Phrytzie shared this one:

Look What the Cat Dragged In: Police Praise Cat for Cleaning Up Streets By Bringing Home Bag of Drugs

Melanie and Jim presented this one (puns ensued):

$18M worth of cocaine found in banana boxes donated to Texas prison

Dog Abby

A man finds out his girlfriend did a background check on him. He is hurt and offended. Should he be? Read Abby’s answer here.

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