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We once again confronted “Kavanonsense!” Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh was subjected to the hearing and the FBI investigation that the lefties were screaming for, based on 11th-hour, unsubstantiated accusations. There was no evidence, and so Kavanaugh is now a Justice. Was he the best choice? Probably not, but thanks to this circus sideshow of last week, it no longer really matters.

The #metoo movement has created an undesirable side effect: we are no longer supposed to merely listen to the accusers, we are required to believe them, no matter what, or face serious consequences. Well, if you have ever been a woman, or known a woman, you know what we do…(sitting down?)

Women lie.

No, really, they do!

What’s worse, many innocent men and women have had to suffer the consequences.

This isn’t going to change. So we need to restore a balance. We need to stick with the laws of jurisprudence that have served us so well for lo these many years. “Innocent until proven guilty” is the principle that has separated civilized societies from barbaric ones. We can’t let this slip away for the sake of political expedience, ya dig?

Congratulations, Justice Kavanaugh.

News of the Weird & Wonderful

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