It’s the Cat Pajama Party with Daniel Hofstein!

Current Events

Mélanie spent the day “wifing.” She invented an amazing gluten-free, low-glycemic casserole that will be in her forthcoming book, Foodie and Fabulous. Jim appreciates everything Melanie does for the family.

Rants and Rabbit Holes

Our new sketch pokes fun at modern office life…and the perils and pitfalls of ordering a damn pizza. Special thanks to all of our friends who donated their voice talents to our sketch.

  • James Sigvartson
  • Tiffany Josie
  • Richard Munchkin
  • Jody Reynolds

You made it “grater” than we imagined. (Cheesy, we know…)

News of the Weird and Wonderful

US Embassy accidentally invites agencies to cat pajama party

Rowing team finds note by lake and carries out its request

Cat has existential crisis after magic trick

Teacher finds messages from her students on pencils

Canadian Girl Guide takes advantage of new marijuana laws

Dog Abby

How do you handle a terrible boss? Abby has some ideas!


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