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At the start of our show, our studio ran into technical issues…sorry bout that, Chief! The audio never did come on, so, sadly, the whole show ran through the stock mic on our secondary laptop. Large chunks had to be deleted because Blogtalkradio cut out on us. Foey. On the bright side, we had plenty of sketches and ads at our disposal to play with while we scrambled to fix things. It gave us a (thankfully brief) time to reflect on how many great sketches, ads, and spoofs we have put together in such a short time. No time to be modest, here. Check out many of them animated on our Bitchute channel!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Wendall Needs Us To Serve Him Now!

TIFU by pressing the emergency 911 button at work 348 times on my first day, causing the police to surround my workplace.

Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Shows Nothing Is Impossible

Doctors remove live cricket from man’s ear canal

Rants and Rabbit Holes

Need a way to get ahead without effort? Find out how in our newest “ad” from Bustthemoney Labs! (A sketch aimed at a particular politician, admittedly…)

Dog Abby

What do you do when you think your partner wants to break up with you? Read Abby’s answer here.

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