Killary kills it

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Mélanie is working on several more animations, including tonight’s Interview to the Max! (see below) Check us out on DTube and Bitchute, where we won’t be booted off for wrongthink. (We’re also on YouTube…for now…and Daily Motion)

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News of the Weird & Wonderful

Twitter Listed A Trending Topic For “Kill All Jews” After A Brooklyn Synagogue Was Vandalized

Curious dog nearly burns down owner’s Detroit home

Porcupine ejected from kitchen of Alaska bar

Helicopter Upsets Tennis Player With PTSD, Teammate Abandons Game to Comfort Him Using A Song

Human chain helps British book store move down the street

Rants and Rabbit Holes

Max lands a coup in the history of interviews on our show. We have audio AND video! A well known figure meets her match…finally.

Dog Abby

What is a boy to do if he wants to join the Air Force but his girlfriend says she’ll leave him if he does? Read Abby’s answer here.

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