It’s a Moo Point

Cows go Moo

This week, Mélanie is doing a webinar, “How to Get Into and Out of Conversations with Grace” based on her book Nose-to-Nose Networking.  Check out the details here.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Mélanie’s struggles with chronic pain sometimes gets in the way of her enjoying life. This darling girl smacked some perspective back into her head. Imagine being abandoned at birth because you were born without femurs or arms, in a place as volatile as Romania. Now imagine winning a talent contest by playing the piano with your toes and singing with the voice of an angel. This child is a testament to perseverance and success in all things.
Lorelai Mosnegutu – winner of Românii au talent 2017

From Abby: Dog saves owner from rattlesnake, wins Dog of the Year award.

From Max: Jewish Nurse who worked on the synagogue shooting suspect tells his story

From Jim: Happy Veteran’s Day!  American Trucker Pays Tab For Canadian Veterans In Ottawa Restaurant

Rants and Rabbit Holes

Cows moo! Listen to our newest sketch, COWSPLAY.

Dog Abby

What do you do when your partner’s live-in mom is overbearing? Find out Abby’s answer here.

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