Trans manifesto and demon babies

Current Events

Jim will be appearing in ROMEO AND JULIET in February as Prince Escalus! More to come.

Melanie is doing a webinar on Leadership for Women.

Mucho Rant-o

There is a group out there called TRUTH- stands for Transgender Youth. Now, you would think that a group with a name like that would be advocating primarily for the acceptance of transgender people. Au Contraire! You’ve heard the Ginger Snap…but are you ready for The Jimbo Snaps? We are tag-teaming on this one Enjoy!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

NY Shelter dog wants a home for Christmas

Solar engineering. No. Really.

IKEA Opens Its Doors For Homeless Dogs During Cold Winter Months

Creepy AF kid’s clothing featuring Celine Dion


Dog Abby

If the pastor betrays the church, should we leave it? Read Abby’s answer here.

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