Baby It’s Cold Outside

Catching Up

Melanie has a great seminar coming up this week. Jim will be appearing at the Velveteen Rabbit in February for ROMEO AND JULIET. we are both appearing in THE NUTCRACKER this month too. All kindza stuff.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Marine folds fallen flag

Vancouver’s Most Wanted: Grand Theft “Otter”

Vaginaments. No…really…

UPS Driver Adopts Shelter Dog Who Jumped Into His Truck

Our Guest

Marion “Jody” Estill

Marion and I met on Twitter because we have both been called heartless Nazis and worse for the views we shared, which is odd since she’s a staunch Democrat and I’m …well…not. Ms. Estill marched with Martin Luther King. She’s been tear-gassed, fire-hosed, and arrested as a REAL activist in the 1960s. She still fancies herself a liberal, although she’s not pro-Hillary. She’s got a good head on her strong shoulders. Marion’s daughter is a Trump supporter, and they have even developed a “safe” word to keep their conversations civil. Thank God for moms like Marion.

Marion and I talked extensively this week, and I found her to be witty, highly intelligent, and big-hearted. I begged her to be on our show, and she graciously agreed. She was calling in from stormy Alabama, so her connection was terrible, but we still had a great conversation.

Dog Abby

We got a request for a classic Dog Abby episode at …I think I have an idea who the requester was…

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