Pardon me, is that an eel up your nose?

Tonight we welcomed an amazing guest and had a lot of fun with odd headlines.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

In international news:

Christopher Robin banned in China, in ongoing war on Winnie-the-Pooh

In Foodie news:

German chocolate factory spill makes for sweet street

Ice cream parlour serving BRUSSELS SPROUT flavour for the Christmas period

Florida Gas Station Forced to Post Sign: ‘Do Not Warm Urine’ in Microwave

In animals news:

Cow steals spotlight at student’s graduation photo shoot

Young Seals Keep Getting Eels Stuck Up Their Noses, and Nobody Knows Why

When an eel lunges out and clamps on to your snout, that’s a Moray

Trucker saves dogs thrown from vehicle on New York highway

Dog Abby

Abby answers how a woman ready to settle down can choose between two good men. What would you do? Read her answer here.

Augusta Massey

Tonight’s guest, Augusta Massey, embodies everything you want in a superhero. She was born in Nigeria but had to leave at young age due to the murder of her father.She returned to America to start a new life, but could not escape the horrors of the world. Within months of returning to the states, her brother was killed by a drunk driver. Many would have never recovered from so much grief in such a short time, but not this lady. Augusta went on to become a lawyer and then an appointed judge. She is a three-time published author. She mentors and speaks to students of all ages. Augusta believes that how you respond to your experiences in life determines your level of success.

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