Upchuck and Acosta’s Wall

Welcome to our show! We check in with current events, including the loss of a wonderful lady, Deanna Robinson, the owner of the Auburn Dinner Theatre and the famous Thornewood Caste.

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Woman with guide dog told to ‘get her f******* dog off bus’

Can you believe that someone is a.) so stupid that they went out of their way to harass someone over a dog and b.) so racist that they honestly believed guide dogs could not be black?

My work has a “cat library.”

How many late fees would you rack up?

Chick-fil-A employee helps feed disabled customer

Random, beautiful act of kindness.

A bus driver rescued a barefoot toddler wandering in the freezing cold

Yes, this is Trump’s America. A huwhite woman rescues an Hispanic toddler and is given a coat by a black passenger, and all aboard the bus do not complain as they wait for the authorities to take over.

Interviews to the Max

Max brings back Jim Acosta to talk about his wall revelation. It goes as well as expected.

Dog Abby

Abby answers an letter about an annoying neighbor.

Tonight’s guest: Mitchell Allen Carson

Mitch is a personal friend, oddly through Jim’s ex-girlfriend right before he met Mélanie. (Jim’s a good breaker-upper, Mélanie, not so much…)

Mitch and his wife, Wendy, are both musicians and sweet, funny people. They live in the N. Seattle area and visit Las Vegas often, so we snagged them during one of their trips to be on the show.

DJ Mitch (or Sir Napsalot, according to Wendy), hosts karaoke at the world famous Village Taphouse & Grill. He also DJs for weddings and big events.

DJ Mitch Carson

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