Covington Catholic and Nathan Phillips #fakenews

Sorry, guys, we’ve got to talk about the Covington Catholic School / Nathan Phillips situation

Folks, before you dogpile, please seek context and truth. This highly edited media crucification has gotten out of control. If you can’t be bothered to actually watch the uncut videos before judging, you ARE the problem. You are biased, you are racist, and you are making the world a worse place. You are also a lemming who is falling prey to fake news and manipulation.


Armed, racist homophobes (Black Israelites) scream awful things at totally innocent kids who happen to be the wrong color. The racists call these children names and say gays should be killed. The Black Israelites berate one of the black kids and call him the n-word The kids DISAGREE. They do so with as much respect as can be mustered, with no swearing and absolutely nothing physical.

Meanwhile, an elderly man WALKS INTO the crowd and gets right up into the face of one of the boys, practically resting his beating drum on his shoulder. At first the kids thought that he was having fun, so they sing along with him. But he keeps getting closer until he’s right in the kid’s face. Not knowing what to do, the boy stands and smiles at the man. None of the boys touch him, speak to him, swear at him, or say anything untoward. The man’s accomplices screams racist hate at the crowd. (A woman who was not there from the beginning accuses the kids of swarming him, which video proves did not happen.) Still not knowing what to do, the boy simply turns and leaves.

Watch the video. Grown-ass adults are swearing racist slurs in the faces of children.

At no time did any of these children shout, “build the wall.” Not once.

The old man then goes on television and lies. You can see on the video that he’s walking amongst kids who are smiling and clapping and singing along, and yet he says he feared for his life. What kind of sociopath would fear for his life in that situation, especially since he entered it at will? They did not surround him, he entered the group willfully and purposefully – – – with a camera crew. He wanted a conflict, and when he did not get one, he had to make it up.

CNN promotes not only doxxing these children but harassing them and causing them physical harm, if not ruining their futures. Twitter and Facebook is literally spewing death threats at these children. Not because they did anything wrong, but because they were wearing the “wrong” hats and most of them – – – but not all of them – – – have white skin.

Meanwhile, the Black Israelites continue to spew racist homophobic filth, but you won’t see that on the mainstream media.


Note: this is not the first time Nathan has gotten on the news with such allegations. It’s only the first time it was on film.

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