Super Bowl? Meh. CounterCultureWISE? YEAH!


For our Super Bowl Sunday broadcast, we eschewed the usual format (Gesundheit!). We expanded our News of the Weird and Wonderful section and played a few of our favorite sketches. We had a new parody, a great Dog Abby, and other cool stuff! (And yeah, we made passing mention of the annual Tom Brady Invitational.  Isn’t he running out of space on his mantle by now? Sheesh!)

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Where Oink Meets Om…

The New Audio Fashion Statement!

Politicians Do Something Right!

A Legendary Musician Does Something Truly…Legendary.

Think “Monkey Butt” Coffee is expensive? Check THIS out!

Some Overpaid Dip**** at the Washington Post Wastes WAY Too Much Time and Energy…(Is it too harsh to hope this “journalist” became one of the “Learn to Code” crowd?)

Flying the Truly Friendly Skies

Being an Irish Dancer Isn’t for Sissies. Ask This NFL Player, a True Hero.

Reviving Appalachian Communities in a Sweet Way

We Think This Marriage is Gonna Work Out!

Voted Most Likely to Excel at Good Doggie-ness 

Rants and Rabbit Holes

The field of rich, privileged, out of touch candidates for the Democratic Presidential Primary is rapidly expanding. How are they trying to relate to The Common People? Find out in our newest ad!

Dog Abby

A mother finds drugs in her son’s shirt drawer. How does she approach her son to help him? Check out Abby’s sage advice here.






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