Your Oscar Alternative


This will be our final 90-minute show. Beginning next week, we will expand to 3 hours! Join us at 6PM Pacific beginning March 3. For Tessa fans, she is moving her show to 3PM pacific every Sunday. Be sure to tune in to ANCIENT OF DAYS in its new time slot.

Thanks for not watching the Oscars!

Bunch o’ sanctimonious TDSers…

The FBI and mind control – for realz

Turns out our “parody” about FBI mind control devices causing itchy eyelids was based on fact. Yipes. (We replay our so-called parody from last year)

Next time you hear voices in your head

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Why you might think your cat is a psychopath

Stray dog becomes a Hollywood legend

Florida shop’s $100 doughnut contains gold, Cristal champagne 

The best 404 page in history, courtesy of the Troll in Chief! (Get over yourself-it’s funny!)

In addition, Melanie sings the praises of dog rescues, and Jim sings the praises of Melanie.

Dog Abby

Max took over Abby’s answer. We really need to change our passwords.

Tessa B. Dick

Tonight’s guest is the widow of the author Philip K. Dick and a writer herself.

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