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We have expanded our show to a full 3 hours! Thanks to everyone for their support. Enjoy!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

WWII veteran receives thousands of birthday cards for his 100th

A possible 85¢ per gallon fuel alternative is in the works

Duke, the beloved Great Pyrenees mayor of Minnesota town sadly passes away

Cat unlocks back door to let locked out owner back inside

11-year old loses 1/8 of his brain, but his brain remakes itself and he’s doing fine

NBA legend auctions off his own memorabilia to benefit underprivileged kids

Grandma floats away on ice throne

Opportunity’s final words from Mars

Earth is actually greener today than it was 20 years ago

Agent Orange and his trainees

Agent Orange has been restored to the Federal Bumbling Investigators, but is stuck training new agents. Has he had a chance to reflect during his suspension, and has he expanded his worldview as a result? Listen in and find out.

Speeding Theatre

Speeding Theatre play posterOur guests Louise Rauckhorst and Kathleen Taylor shared the history and future of the over 55’s segment of the Super Summer Theatre’s In-City Season. The company does outreach for seniors and brings fun plays to life with their all over-55 casts.

To audition, volunteer, or get tickets, find them here:

Website:  SpeedingTheatre.orgSpeedingTheatre.org

Facebook:  Speeding Theatre 2019-2020Speeding Theatre 2019-2020

Dog Abby

A listener was happy to move away from the small town they grew up in, but may have to return for their husband’s new job. Read Abby’s advice to “Don’t Want to Go” here.

Freedom of Speech

JPMorgan Chase is using its financial and political power to silence YoutTubers and other content providers for “hate speech.” Here we go again…Melanie and I are Chase customers. We may be reconsidering that idea before very long. Meanwhile, President Trump announced during the CPAC convention that he will be signing an executive order mandating that public colleges allow free speech. Let that last sentence sink in. And welcome to  Amerika 2019.

Rock Your World with Jim (temporary title-accepting ideas)

In our newest segment, Jim shares a passage from an inspirational book each week, and we discuss how the ideas expressed can be applied in your everyday life. Tonight’s passage is from A RETURN TO LOVE by Marianne Williamson.


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