Barefoot Autism Challenge

The touchy feely side of CCW

Mélanie discusses the Teacher’s Paradox, which creates a gap of assumption that leaves the students behind.

We talk about the importance of touching nature and each other (in an affectionate and non-sexual way).

Dog Abby

A widower’s kids disown him because he’s dating a younger woman. Check out the animation on our YouTube channel!

Special Guest: Tyler Leech from the Barefoot Autism Challenge

Politics in products

Jim goes off the rails about companies going political

Mélanie discusses how the right sees the left as wrong while the left sees the right as eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. Jim agrees. This is why facts and a proof are treated as heresy and many far left folks are full of loathing.

Is there a God? Mélanie is still pissed about abortion. This throws Jim off a tad.

We round off by talking about success and priming the pump.

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