Be Whole!

What Be the Haps

Jim auditioned for the roles of Iago and Brabantio in OTHELLO today. Our friend and one-time guest Cassandra Krupp has a difficult decision to make. All four Iago wannabes did a great job! Hopefully Jim will have something to report next week. And as promised multiple times, he has finally submitted the FONTANA script to some producer friends for review and (hopefully) collaboration. Fingers crossed!

Melanie has committed to finishing the Nose-to-Nose series this year! To that end, she put in a huge amount of writing this week for the next installment, NOSE-TO-NOSE FRIENDSHIP. She plans to have it out very soon!

News of the Weird and Wonderful!

¡ Bienvenido a la pared de queso!

The Smug Pug

Life imitates advertising

The Turtle and the Bean

It’s wabbit season

Interviews to the Max with Brian S.

A case of meow-staken identity has Max finally flipping out, but he is accidentally brought back to his usual jovial mood by his guest. Listen in!

Dog Abby

We bring back a classic Dog Abby as Melanie prepares to bring animated versions of everyone’s favorite advice column to a video platform near you. Stay tooned!

The Gospel According to Mélanie

Melanie interprets the 4th Commandment (Exodus 20:8-11) and mixes in a little Psalm 46:10: Why God commands us to rest.

Building an Extraordinary Life with Jim

Jim continues his discussion of the success principles found in Napoleon Hill’s THE LAW OF SUCCESS. Tonight we focus on Principle 2: Self Confidence.












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