Overly prepared in Wisconsin

Dog Abby:
Ever since I was in the Scouts, I have lived by the motto, “be prepared.” I always carry a first-aid kit, I update my CPR training every year, and I have learned as much about the local flora and fauna as possible. My basement has food stores and I have a bug-out bag in my room and my car. I’ve learned how to filter pretty much anything into drinking water. I do own guns, and I know how to work a bow. I joke about the zombie apocalypse, but not everyone sees my preparedness as a joke. I have learned that my male friends are intimidated by this and my female friends think I’m weird. My worst fear is that I will end up alone for the end of the world, or at least to the end of my world. My dating life seems to be in a cycle, starting with everything going well, to being told to stop preparing for disasters, to being called paranoid or creepy. The thing is, I do not want to stop. I like feeling prepared. Is something wrong with me? Abby. What do I do?

Overly prepared in Wisconsin

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Dear Prepared,

Every morning when we leave for our walkies, I make sure that I have two balls, and sometimes Dad has a third in the tosser. There have been times that I lose a ball or forget where I left one, so it is nice having backups. I like being prepared. No one thinks that I am creepy or paranoid, as far as I understand. I am just looking toward the future, is all. I do not see why this is a problem with your friends and dates. Maybe it is more about them than you.

When I was a puppy, we did not live next door to a park like we do now. Mom and Grandma would still take me to parks, though, and I loved the big dog park! The park was broken up into different areas for different types of dogs. The big play field was the best place for us fetching and herding dogs who like to run. This is where I made the most friends. Sure, I did not mind hanging out with the Shi Tzus or English Bull dogs, I was just more at home with Labs and Shepherds and Terriers that liked the same things I do. People are the same way. Mom has lots of friends who are speakers, Dad has lots of friends who are actors, and I have lots of friends who are fetchers. We are all different shapes and sizes and colors, we just share certain interests and understand each other better.

Maybe you are hanging out at the wrong side of the dog park.

Did you know that there is an actual word for what you are doing? Mom has a friend who is one of our best listeners and patrons (hi, Dave!) who is what you would call a “prepper.” He has been on our show before, and he was very smart and nice. He knows other preppers, too! There are lots more people like you, and you will never be alone if you find groups of people who share the things that are important to you.

Mom says that there are places online and in person that you can meet others like you. Have fun! But, do not spend so much time preparing for the future that you are not enjoying today.

Always prepared,


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