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We talked about our amazing weekend. Jim was in Pirate Fest in a special edition of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Mélanie has been tutoring and preparing for upcoming seminars. Mélanie and Jim went to see Jon Anderson of Yes in concert. One of the best shows we have ever seen, separately or together. We then discuss the downfall of MGM and Caesars, and why we locals visit other casinos instead. 

We discuss the latest genius of NYC…they are banning processed meats. You know,hot dogs? Pepperoni, as in pizza? Pastrami, as in on rye? Meanwhile, Washington state has made it illegal to deport illegals who commit crimes. Yay. The White House Correspondent’s Dinner talked about how great they are, and don’t say boo about Assange. We parse the “good people on both sides” quote of President Trump, and how it’s being deliberately misused to push a leftist agenda. (In other words, it’s #fakenews, a hoax, totally made up…)

We introduced the new ad for Creepy Uncle Joe 2020. 

Interviews on the Fritz

Phrytzie has another chat with Kamala Harris. Why she came back to be interviewed, we will never know.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

When Man Was Trying to Sell His Car, to Save His Dog, Community Came to His Rescue
This Dog’s Adoration for His Food Bowl Got Him Adopted Just in the Nick of Time

Dog Abby

Abby kindly answers a letter from a hurting ex…and then Max chimes in. Read Abby’s answer here.

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You’ll have to listen for Max’s answer, as he refused to transcribe it for us.

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