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Happy Cinco de Moniz!

We imbibe wine and cheap tacos while entertaining the masses.

Current nonsense

…and boy, there was plenty of it this week…Between YouTube censoring Alex Jones AND Louis Farrakhan, House Dems screaming at AG Barr for doing his job, and some states calling for Trump to be excluded on their ballots until he releases his tax returns, which he can’t release because he is being audited by the IRS at the behest of…wait for it…the Democrats who want him removed from the ballot…yeah…

Our new ad!

Coming to a cable network near you…ANTIFA!!!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Joe Biden for President

Cat born without back legs can now walk thanks to brand new titanium implants

After Puzzling Over Their Amusing Discovery of Prosthetic Leg, Workers Rejoice When They Finally Find Its Owner

Somebody really wanted a Pepsi…


Special Guest: Edie O’Reilly

Tonight’s guest is the trifecta of awesome. She is an author, speaker, and Transformational Coach. She is also an amazing mom whose special-needs son led her on a completely different path of life. While learning how to overcome her own depression, she uncovered valuable lessons that she uses to teach others how to stop allowing circumstances to hijack their lives.
Edie O’Reilly is celebrating the publishing of her book, “When the Body Speaks, A practical 3 step guide to Happiness.”






Dog Abby

Abby uses a dog-training technique to teach a fed-up mom how to handle a stepdad issue. Read her answer here.

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