Memorial Day Special

The Jimbo Snaps

Alright, you clowns…Julian Assange has been indicted on 18 counts under the Espionage Act, chilling journalists, especially those who report on government misdeeds and foreign policy. This also puts thefirst amendment at risk in a tome where the political atmosphere may very well allow it to happen. This is happening under Donald Trump’s watch. Since he has more or less instigated this, and only paid lip service to his base about fighting Facebook, YouTube and the rest on censorship of HIS OWN F***ING SUPPORTERS…Good sir, you are not getting our vote in 2020.

News of the Weird and …well… Disturbing…

After Resolving to Make a Change, High School Student Lost 115 Pounds By Walking to School Every Day

Woman opens Christmas gift she gave to boyfriend when she dumped him in 1971

Kansas had to pass a law to tell cops they can’t have sex with people they’re arresting

Ocasio Cortez: Planting cauliflower is racist, y’all

Man ordered to uncover face in front of police camera and then fined £90

His lawn overgrew while he was tending to his mom’s estate. Now, he faces foreclosure and a $30,000 fine

Redditors Find Missing Cat For Trucker Who Lost Him At A Truck Stop

Brickbat: No Honor

Breath of fresh air: Dunkin’ Donuts insists on staying out of politics

When This Mailman Retired, The Entire Neighborhood Threw Him A Party He’ll Never Forget

As Disabled Man Frantically Wheels Himself Home Before Tornado, Teen Hops Out of His Car to Help

Memorial Day Stories

The history behind it

Memorial Day: The Story of a Hero Son, a Dad’s Grief and a Hit Song

Dog Abby

Abby answers a difficult letter about when to let go and when to rescue a friend.

Trans kids? Watch this before you judge us


Have you ever looked through God? Mélanie tells the story of losing a kitty and finding God.

Then, for some reason we talk about pangolins.

Jim Class

Give more than you promised. You’ll get more than you expected.

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