A show fit for a typewriter

Jim pitches a fit for a typewriter

Jim has placed a bid for a manual typewriter on eBay. (Postscript: He was outbid at literally the last second. Effing eBay.) He plans to get a typewriter for a couple of upcoming creative projects, particularly National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). His loving wife argues that he “never used the one he had before.” His prior typewriter was a fully refurbished (at Jim’s expense) 1950s-era  Royal Quiet De Luxe-the same brand and model used by Ernest Hemingway and Ian Fleming-that had been owned by his father, and yes, he did occasionally use it, though not as frequently as he maybe should have. It was a work of art. His next one will not likely be quite so nice as that. For now, just an inexpensive, working, portable machine is all he requires. Jim’s rationale is that it will help with his creativity, and allow him to stay focused on the writing rather than fall down multiple rabbit holes when he should be producing. (Plus, he can set up at a coffee shop or library without needing a plug-in.)

Jim made a live pledge to use a typewriter to complete his 50,000 word requirement for NaNoWriMo in November. If he wins, he can upgrade his typewriter as his fancy allows, without any…um…feedback from his wife. Plus, ya know, bragging rights. (He will not collect typewriters. The upgrade will be his final typewriter purchase, as long as it lasts.) If Melanie wins (that is, if he hits 49,999 words or fewer), he must endure a full-length, live interview with Melanie…and she can ask him anything. Let that sink in…she can ask him ANYTHING. Live. And he is required to tell the truth, no matter how painful or embarrassing. Things are going to be interesting this fall.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

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 Want to try a burger dripping with Nutella? Me either.

News of the awful and divisive

Florida Man Bitten By Snake Slithering Out Of His Toilet

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NY state orders school district to halt plans to use facial recognition

Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else

Interviews on the Phrytz

Just off the case of NO RUSSIA COLLUSION, Max revisits James Comey and Phrytzie lands an interview with Robert Mueller himself. Speaking of Max, the video for QUANTUM OF BOLLOCKS is now live! Check it out here.

The Gospel According to Melanie

“Relax, and trust in Me, already!”- God

Jim Class

We briefly discussed the importance of having an attractive personality. We will pick it up and expand on the idea next week.

Dog Abby

A military wife is upset over her husband’s desire to re-enlist. See Abby’s Advice on our Youtube channel!

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