The Big Fan Edition!

Who’s Your Fan?

Our house is in upheaval! The water heater burst yesterday, and our house flooded as a result. So that noise you hear in the background is one of many gigantic industrial grade fans drying our pad up. So we get to spend the entire show leaning dangerously close to the mic and each other.

The Pets…or are they the owners?

Due to the aforementioned upheaval, Dog Abby and Interviews to the Max will not be presented this evening. We did replay Max’s recent interview with James Comey for you Maxaholics. (Don’t be ashamed…we’re Maxaholics, too!) We are also replaying QUANTUM OF BOLLOCKS! They will both be making their triumphant returns next week.

The O’Reitz Files

Bill is back, and takes on his most soy-infused, fascistic nemesis yet! Will he save the day? Does the Pope wear a pointy hat?

Eagle River

We interview cast and crew members of Matt Martello’s new play, EAGLE RIVER, which is part of the Las Vegas Fringe Festival at Las Vegas Little Theatre. Join in the fun!

Jim Gets His $%#@ Typewriter!

Finally…Now he can shaddap. (It was a steal…virtually new for only 9 bucks at a thrift store.) Proof that the Law of Attraction works.

We agree with the Justice Department(!)

They are going after Google for antitrust. Good.

Coming This Fall!

The Social Justice League! Don’t miss it!

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Teens rush into burning home to save 90-year-old woman

101-year-old World War II veteran travels 1,500 miles to commission his grandson into the US Air Force

Dog trapped in cave for 3 weeks saved by hiker

This Angry-Looking Persian Is Being Called The New Grumpy Cat

Gospel according to Melanie

Thoughts on Pride


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