Father’s Day Special

Happy Father’s Day!

The CCW team screams, “Happy Father’s Day” against the SJW current. Screw ’em. Men are awesome.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Arizona police pull gun on couple after 4-year-old daughter takes doll from store

Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral

Girl with autoimmune disease creates teddy bears that hide IV bags

Bulls escape Baltimore slaughterhouse, run loose through neighborhood

Global warming is real! No, really!!

Glacier National Park Starts Removing Its ‘Gone by 2020’ Signs

Dog Abby

Abby eschews the listener’s letter in order to celebrate her father and grandfather.

Interviews to the Max

Nancy Pelosi gets the Max treatment. Plus: Norbert gets re-hired and re-fired in spectacular fashion…for a spectacular reason.

A Blast From the Past

We replay our original Back At You Man sketch. Time for another one of those, we do believe.


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