Maiden voyage on our new platform!

Welcome to the new digs!

A Vast Improvement…

We will not dwell on it here, but for long-time listeners who may be wondering what happened, we are just gonna give you the Reader’s Digest Version of what went down. Due to increasing philosophical, political, and professional differences with the leadership of our now-former network , we were forced out.

We had actually seen this coming, and had already committed to continuing the show. This put us in the proper mindset to stay positive and keep rolling! Once the split became official, Melanie went right to work finding a new platform for us. She found Spreaker. After setting everything up and running a test, we were nothing less than thrilled at the results.

  • Much more responsive and easier to use than our former platform.
  • Everything is synced and integrated immediately, saving hours of post-production work getting our show on Spotify and other outlets.
  • The sound quality? Like night and day compared to our former platform.  Just listen to one of our earlier podcasts, and you’ll see (and hear) what we mean.

As for Jim, he has increased his output of writing for CounterCulureWISE, and is coming up with great new ideas for future shows and videos. It’s amazing how liberating something like this can be!

For the first time, we fully own the show, and are committed to bringing you a better listening experience than ever.

Welcome to the new CounterCultureWISE!

Catching Up

This was a three-show week! Jim did his Bard at the Bar Thang at a new venue, Lovelady Brewing Company in Henderson. (Terrific people, and delicious beer. Check out their Paleo Porter…yum.) BatB have been asked to return there, so there will be future performances of Shakespeare’s work at both Lovelady and their original haunt, The Velveteen Rabbit. Stay tuned here for future events!

As for Melanie, she did an amazing job with her cohorts at Las Vegas Improvisation Players. If you are a fan of WHOSE LINE IS IT, ANYWAY? and are in Las Vegas on any given 3rd Saturday, check them out. It’s completely family-friendly (a rarity for improv groups in Vegas, or anywhere else).

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Guy Hides Marriage Proposal In Every Photo With His Girlfriend For Months

75-Year Old Florida Man Fights Alligator, Saves Dog

Florida Man Dressed as Spider-Man Spotted Power Washing Roof

Minnesota Toddler Found After Riding Toy Tractor to County Fair

Police Officer Cared For Lonely Elderly Man For 2 Years After Meeting Him On Duty

…and that’s why we can’t have nice things

Kath Zhu stripped of her crown for being conservative

Barefoot Bay woman admits to using heroin while driving

Woman charged with manslaughter of her own unborn baby for starting a fight and getting shot


Max interviews Bernie!

It goes as expected.  Plus…BONUS INTERVIEW ON THE FRITZ: Phrytzie interviews “The Squad!”


Florida Man – fast food edition

Real-life Florida Hamburglar cooks himself dinner after breaking into a Wendy’s, deputies say

Florida Man Arrested For McDonald’s Condiment Attack

Florida Teen Customer Scalds Burger King Worker

Florida Man Arrested For Attempting To “Barbecue” Child Molesters

Florida Man Eats Chicken Wings, Refuses to Pay For Them, Pulls Out His Penis

Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy!

Florida Man Charged with Busch Gardens Flamingo Pinky’s Death…

…Is Fatally Hit by Truck

Pinky Does a Victory Dance from Beyond


This wasn’t in Florida, but it was extra-fast food

Dog Abby

What does a young man do about his girlfriend’s overbearing and attention-seeking mother? Abby’s response can be found here.


James 4 (entire chapter, referencing Proverbs 3:34) and Colossians 3:23 Put God first in your work and your life, and stop trying to outsmart Him, fer cryin’ out loud! Also, you are a gift from God. Yes, you too!

Jim Class

17 Seconds, 68 Seconds, and Beyond…

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