Chillable, Not Chuggable! July 28 2019

Chillable, Not Chuggable!


Let’s talk Google censorship

Google is the world’s biggest censor

Faith-Based Org to Help Vets: Google Blocked ‘Christian’ Keyword in Ads

Deal with Amazon requires local police to encourage people to buy Ring products

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News of the Weird & Wonderful

Grasshopapocypse: Massive Las Vegas grasshopper ‘invasion’ registers on weather radar

WATCH: Raw ‘zombie’ chicken crawls from plate at restaurant

Bud Light: Free Beer to Any Alien That Escapes Area 51

IRS fugitive John McAfee sent to UK after stint in Dominican jail

Texas Has Generated More Electricity From Wind Than Coal So Far This Year

Man from viral ‘Back up Terry’ video gifted with new wheelchair

…and that’s why we can’t have nice things

Bison charges, injures 9-year-old girl at Yellowstone National Park


Barefoot woman fined for climbing Mt. Rushmore


Environmental activists superglue themselves to the U.S. Capitol walls in call for action on climate change


Pennsylvania School District Warns Parents They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches


77-year-old murderer released for being too old to kill convicted again for fatal stabbing


Florida Man

Five guys arrested after fist fight at Five Guys


Starcucks Green Initiative

We check in on good o’l Howie Schmutz to see how their new initiative is working out. Stay tuned for animations!

Mueller’s surprise interviewer!

Who allowed cats into the court? Oh, boy…

CounterCulureWINE of the week

Sledgehammer Forged Red Blend

This wine is a lovely, balanced blend that is sweeter than the label implies. We sincerely enjoyed this wine and, if you can find it, recommend giving it a try. (not a sponsor)

Dog Abby

Should a concerned father of a bullied child teach his kid self-defense? Hear Abby’s answer here.

Jim Class

Tolerance…it’s not just a bumper sticker!


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