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Death of a Schmuck, and the Point of Personal Privilege Pinhead Parade

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We dive straight into the story of the week with a repeat of the Interview to the Max with Jim Acosta where Jeffery Epstein was discussed. This dovetails into a brand new sketch where our Hapless Hero, Agent Orange,  is reassigned to the FBI and put on Epstein’s suicide watch. We all know how that turned out. Watch the animated version here.

(Update…after we posted the cartoon, we found out that the guards WERE allegedly asleep. How in the hell do we keep nailing this stuff? Anyway…)

Inevitably, the issue turned partisan immediately. And in the process, the children who were the true victims are being forgotten in the noise. (This is by design.) Sadly, the rich and powerful elites who participated in this evil will most likely be off the hook forever.

Far lower on the Schmuck Index, but still in the “qualifiers,” is Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro.  This guy…yeesh. He decides to basically doxx Trump supporters in his district by listing their names, addresses and businesses. This has backfired spectacularly as at least one of them also donated to Castro’s campaign. Numb Nuts has doubled down, of course, saying that those donors who brought it up and complained about his actions were defending a campaign by the president against Hispanics.  Eso es siuficente, estúpido.

Another group of schmucks will be discussed later.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Holocaust Survivor Nominates AOC for ‘Nobel Prize in Stupidity’

Daughters Pen Hilarious Obituary for Father Who “Died at Home in His Recliner as He Had Threatened to for Years”

Danny Trejo, one of Hollywood’s best villains, used ‘superpowers’ to help save a child from a flipped car

In 1986, Annoyed Disney Animators Renamed All The Disney Classics

Waving stun gun on livestream lands transgender body waxing activist behind bars

Golden Retriever Gets Distracted By Another Beautiful Golden — His Reflection

Wild Waves Swim Park to host dog-swim-only event for Humane Society in September


That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!

Woman caught with crystal meth in her vagina says she does not know how it got there

Woman’s Limbs are amputated due to tropical disease… NOT

And now, the promised Third Reich of Schmuckdom…The Democratic Socialists of America Convention…They are positively no threat to anyone but themselves…or are they? We are laughing and scared at the same time. Check out an excerpt here, then listen to our sketch based on this abject stupidity.

More Stuff!

Starcucks keeps trying, God love ’em…Our newest sketch about the Green Apron-ed Do-Gooders.

Dog Abby is Back!

How does a young woman respond to parents who are Insensitive to a Sensitivity? Find out the sage doggy’s response here.

A Special essay from Melanie

Beam me up, Scotty.
These are words that are part of our shared culture. They are so ubiquitous that even the younger generations who have never seen the original Star Trek will utter them when faced with an odd or difficult situation. For those old enough to remember the original series, or young enough to have watched the reruns with our parents, we distinctly remember this phrase being used over and over.
Those words were never used by anyone, ever, in the original series.
How does an entire culture, several generations deep, believe in something that never happened? We’ve heard of the Mandela effect, a misremembering of something that either happened differently, or literally did not happen.
Even the tiniest amount of research will show you the truth. The biggest problem with the Mandela effect is admitting you were wrong. Far too many cannot do it. They will argue against the truth.
We are going through that now, and it is orchestrated by Hollywood and the mainstream media — two of the most corrupt organizations on the face of the Earth. Why are you falling for it?
Repeat a lie enough times and everyone will believe it is the truth.
Also, do your best to hide the truth so the unwitting do not fall upon it. This is why we are seeing mass censorship, public shaming, and deplatforming.
I do not care whether you are a Trump supporter or hater. I am not either. I am a supporter of truth, and I will only make my decision based on truth. Are you able to do the same? Can you admit when you’re wrong?
Trump never said Nazis were “fine people.” Not even close. Watch 2 minutes of the UNEDITED speech and you will see the media’s lie.
Trump did not say he grabbed anyone’s whooha. What he said decades ago was crude, but nothing close to what is repeated.
Trump did not refer to any human beings as rats, and never used the word infested to describe humans of any color. Both of those are intergalactic leaps that only the intellectually lazy and emotionally immature could swallow.
I could go on, but why bother? If he is as evil and vile as the media wants you to believe, then why do they have to lie? Wouldn’t the truth be enough?
I cannot think of a single major religion, even those that are at odds with each other, that does not at some point say that deeds are more meaningful than words. What are you basing your hatred on? And, why do you allow someone you do not know to take up so much space in your heart and mind?
Luke, I am your father.
(also never said)

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