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I Can’t Read

Guest Interview

William Manzanares

William Manzanares IV was born and raised in the Tacoma area of Washington State and is an active member of the Puyallup Tribe. He is a serial entrepreneur, having owned and operated successful smoke shops, convenience stores, and restaurants since 2005. William is passionate about helping small business owners as well as struggling readers. To that end, he spends much of his time speaking with students about career planning and goal setting. Having grown up unable to read and struggling with dyslexia, William hopes his new book will equip kids to improve their literacy and inspire them to pursue their dreams.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

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Edible Dehydrated Zebra Tarantula

Disabled Man Leaves His Wheelchair And Risks His Life To Rescue Kitten Stuck In Drain


That’s why we can’t have nice things!

California police dog found dead after being left in hot car

SF Board of Supervisors sanitizes language of criminal justice system

Newly Elected Missouri Council Member Sworn In On Dr. Seuss Book Instead Of Bible

(I will not swear on a Holy Book, I will not swear on a Kindle or Nook…)

Library board can’t agree on sex crime checks proposed after drag queen story event

Phrytzie’s Newest Gig!

You know that fast-talking person at the end of car or drug ads that reads off all the lawyer speak? Who better to do that than our own fast-talking kitty, Phrytzie! This week she interviewed to do just that — and got the job! We played the tape on our show, but it turns out there was a camera in studio. Here’s what it looked like.

Dog Abby

A business owner finds out that his best employee may not have told the whole truth when he applied for the job. What should he do? Read Abby’s answer here.

Jim Class

A major key to success is…FAILURE? Jim explains.



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