Playing the Name Game

News of the Weird & Wonderful

An Uber driver made a hilarious ‘ride menu’ for his passengers, offering everything from ‘life lessons’ to complete silence

Study: Women Store DNA From Every Man They’ve Ever Made Love With

AP Stylebook Changes Hyphen Guidance, Ushering In Total Chaos

Why we will never run out of material for Starcucks ads

A man in Islamic dress told a Starbucks employee his name was Aziz. She put ‘ISIS’ on the cup.

Starbucks customer, 25, is left disgusted after a ‘grotesquely unprofessional’ barista scrawled ‘Hippo’ on her Cookies and Cream Frappuccino cup

That’s Why we Can’t have Nice Things!

Horrifying moment: a woman, 23, falls 80 FEET while attempting an extreme yoga pose over the edge of her balcony in Mexico – and survives

Lancaster deputy confesses to fabricating sniper shooting, authorities say

TV host issues tearful apology after saying her black co-anchor looks like a gorilla

Seattle Officials Can’t Agree on How to Remove Human Crap from Sidewalks – Councilman Argues Power Washers are Racist, Since Hoses Used Against Blacks in Past

Editor of Your Ward News gets 1 year in jail for promoting hatred


Florida Man!!

Florida man charged with selling fake Yetis at Will County fairgrounds

Florida man dies from flesh-eating bacteria. He had thought it was the flu

Florida man threatened woman with running chain saw, deputies say


Lord Baconslapper

The logical outcome of California’s obsession with pronouns is presented in it’s abject insanity with our newest sketch.

Gospel According to Melanie

Forgiveness isn’t just a good idea…it’s the law.

Interviews to the Max

Max interviews Lawrence “Stop the Hammering” O”Donnell!

Jim Class

Some often-missing pieces in the Law of Attraction are discussed.

Dog Abby

Should the writer get rid of their dog in order to appease their lover’s fears? Abby weighs in. Be sure to check out last week’s animation!


Special Guest: Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer class schedule

We’ve had Bob Dancer on twice before, and had so much fun that we’ve brought him back yet again. We met while performing together with the Las Vegas Improvisational Players. Known as America’s premier video poker writer and teacher, Bob is launching another 10-week session on video poker playing at South Point here in Vegas. We talk with him about his career, his class, and his storytelling.

Find him here:

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