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NYT — the old, gray rag

Ain’t what she used to be…we discuss the devolution of mainstream news in general, and the once-proud New York Times in particular. Their recent shenanigans in trying to take Kavanaugh down (AGAIN!) was too much for us.   We also premiere our newest ad for the World’s Most Famous Fish Wrapper, demonstrating that they have always been at this.


News of the Weird & Wonderful

India’s First Farting Contest

A problem even engineers couldn’t fix

Story submitted by Max:
‘Mountain Lion’ Spotted In Georgetown Neighborhood Actually Just Insanely Large Housecat

Philadelphia Telephone Pole Slated To Be Replaced Leaves Behind Heartwarming Farewell ‘Letter’

Hillary Clinton Reads Her Emails at Venice Art Show

Woman Punches Coyote In The Face

Australian man carries his own leg for two days until he is rescued

Amish men drinking while riding buggy with stereo system run out into the trees after police pull them over

Beer stealing bear gets drunk and passes out in the woods

Beer stealing bear gets drunk and passes out in the woods

White supremacist accidentally sets own head on fire while trying to burn down synagogue

…and That’s Why we Can’t Have Nice Things

Massive Semen Explosion After Blaze Hits Bull Artificial Insemination Facility, Firefighters Forced To Dodge ‘Projectiles’
Teen Vogue runs “A Guide to Anal Sex”…no…really

These Hindu Nationalists Just Got Arrested for Celebrating the Birthday of Gandhi’s Assassin

FLORIDA MAN!!! (Featuring our new theme song)

Florida man wildly swings sword at jogger in fight over trash

Florida woman pulls alligator from her pants during traffic stop

Florida man who dragged shark in viral video sentenced to 10 days in jail

Florida man spray paints the word ‘slur’ in bar bathroom, police say

Florida man and woman have sex in back of police car after getting arrested for DUI

Florida Man gets 40 year for creating fake international court, intimidating government officials

A peek at the impeachment hearings

Our newest sketch: Corey and the Clowns in STOP THE CLOCK!

Dog Abby

Abby answers a letter from a 4th grader who is shy and wants to make new friends. See the animation of her answer on YouTube, Bitchute, or Instagram!

Jim Class

The final chapter in Napoleon Hill’s LAW OF SUCCESS, The Golden Rule! We include a simple step for making it an easier Rule to follow.




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