Women of Kuwait and Floriday

Interview with Mahdi Al-own from The Project Kuwait

The Project Kuwait podcast is a one-of-a-kind show hosted by an amazing guy with an incredible story to tell.

Sunday health and fitness

Tuesday psyched with DR D

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Political Asshattery

We talked impeachment. Sorta.

Norway Waking up – Norway Deports Muslims; Crime Rate Drops 31%

School Lunches – selling our children to the highest bidder

…but there’s hope on the horizon
Trump’s Agriculture Chief Tosses Out Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules

News of the Weird and Wonderful

I will pay top dollar for this and never stop eating it.
Researchers Discover Seaweed that Tastes Like Bacon and is Twice as Healthy as Kale

All three furbabies say, “YES!”
You Can Now Get Jail Time For Leaving Dogs In The Snow

Phrytzie always wanted to be a library kitty, luckily, Dad has a billion books.
Company adopts 2 office kittens named Debit and Credit to boost employee morale

Shelter cat put in solitary confinement for ‘repeatedly’ letting other cats out

I still want my puppy!!
Rescued puppy born with second tail on forehead goes viral

Go monkey!
Monkey Sharpens Rock and Uses It To Smash Through Glass Enclosure At Zoo

I remember the year my grandmother died. She was healthy and her death was totally unexpected. She had pre-ordered everyone’s Christmas presents, unbeknownst to us. Imagine the feeling of getting a Christmas present from Grandma five months after she died! I’m sure this is how many of these people felt:
Mysterious wave of texts leave Americans extremely confused

Chicago bar installs over 70 Big Mouth Billy Bass to sing popular songs in unison


Marijuana reviews site wants to pay you $36,000 a year to smoke weed every day


Florida WOMan

Florida man driving with beer in hand blames the wind for blowing cocaine into his car

The management at CounterCultureWISE are strong proponents of equality, thus the following segment will be completely devoted to Florida WOMEN

Florida woman files federal lawsuit to keep her emotional support chickens

Florida woman bit boyfriend’s penis ‘out of frustration’

Florida woman accused of setting unfaithful boyfriend’s home on fire

Florida woman drives golf cart on interstate express lane

Florida woman locks herself in Walgreens, makes food on hot plate

Florida woman fails bar exam twice, starts law firm anyway

Woman Pulled Over For Having Man in Dog Cage in Back of Truck

Florida woman caught trying to drown her cat in a drain says she was ‘taking it to Jesus’

Florida Woman Smears Bananas Over Patron’s Cars at Trump’s Country Club

Florida woman robs postal worker, takes off on tricycle

Florida Woman Shoplifts Seven Lobsters Down Her Pants

Florida Woman Doesn’t Get Her McFlurry… So She Set a Car On Fire

Florida woman married to Ferris wheel-like ride she has loved for decades

Florida Woman Pulled a Knife on the Man Who Complained About Her Farts


You go, girl!
Pregnant Florida woman uses AR-15 to fend off burglars attacking her family

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