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Welcome to the show.

We celebrated Jim’s birthday in a major way, with a surprise party and delicious food. 55 never felt so good.

Tonight’ special guest is author, filmmaker, and graphic artist Cristian Aluas! But first, our new segment…

Interviews to the Max

Max interviews Julian Castro on the eve of his departure from the presidential race. (We are sensing a trend.) We also rerun a classic Interview with Bernie Sanders and the ladies of The Squad.

This is 2020! (Stuff that could only happen in 2020…)

‘Great example for the rest of this country’: Bloomberg sees California as model for U.S.

Self-driving Tesla hits and kills an autonomous robot at CES

Woman claims she predicted Harry and Meghan Markle splitting from royal family by reading asparagus spears

Aliens exist and could already be on earth, first British astronaut says

Unique Brain Signal Just Discovered. And It Might Make Us ‘Human’

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Gywneth Paltrow Is Selling A Candle That Smells Like Her Vagina

For These ‘3 Dots,’ 100 Years Of Friendship, Fellowship And Fun

North Carolina town ends New Year’s Eve Possum Drop tradition

Could You Knit a Sweater from Belly Lint?

News just for Jim:

Mister Donut teams up with French patisserie chain Pierre Hermé for new range of luxury doughnuts

Man collects his third top prize jackpot from scratch-off lottery tickets

…but what about Christian farmers?

Church-goers are less likely to own a cat than atheists – partly because some of the latter see cats as a “god substitute”, according to research.

Florida Man 


What? No! Say it isn’t so! 

Wife, 26, Allegedly Tried to Steal $1M From Her 77-Year-Old Husband Months After Wedding

OK, barefoot is awesome, but this is just not (PLUG FOR BU SHOW!!)

Florida man wakes to find burglar sucking his toes, deputies say

Florida police were called for a woman screaming ‘let me out.’ It was a parrot.

Florida man drives truck into bar to get Dr. Pepper


Cristian is on!

Our guest is an award-winning artist filmmaker Jim’s had the pleasure of working with on a couple of occasions. He is truly a talented guy and we’re happy to have him on the show! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the show, the creator of Big Boss and the author of IT’S A LIVING: Surviving as a Freelancer in the 21st Century, The Ultimate Guide to Success for Artists and Creative Professionals. Mister Cristian Aluas!

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