Pups, Prisoners, & Patriots

Tonight’s special guest is a representative from the Those Left Behind Foundation

A couple of shows ago, we discussed an amazing program during our News of the Weird and Wonderful segment. The program is called Pups, Prisoners & Patriots, and they save dogs from high kill shelters and take them up to Lovelock Correctional Center.  There they spend 14 – 16 weeks with the prisoners while they are trained to Canine Good Citizen Standards. Once they are done with their training, the organization gives the dogs to Veterans (or first responders) FREE of charge to act as their Assist dog.  


While in prison they are also trained to retrieve pill bottles, push panic buttons and retrieve blankets.  The program not only saves the lives of the dogs, but it also changes the lives of the prisoners involved to help them become a better individual and to learn a skill for when they are paroled.  Most importantly it provides an Assist dog to a needing Veteran that they do not have to pay for.

This is 2020

Nanny cam at Phoenix home catches federal agent smelling girl’s underwear

We can’t stop laughing at this one…

Liz Warren Finishes In 5th Place In Pocahontas County, Iowa


Interviews to the Max

Max interviews Pete Buttigieg after his surprise victory in Iowa. We then discuss the results and implications of the caucus, and Jim talks about why that system is outdated and prone to being corrupted.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Woman Rescues Pregnant Abandoned Dog And Now They’re All So Happy

North Carolina man run over by deer in McDonald’s parking lot

Dog Level…Expert

New York state dog can fit six tennis balls in mouth at once

Single man receives over 1,000 dating applications after running ad on billboard

A Coyote And Badger Were Captured On Video Being Best Friends

Injured Tortoise Who Lost Shell In Fire Receives Worlds First 3D-Printed Shell

Zoo will name a rat after your ex, feed it to a snake

Wombats Are Digging Waterholes And Saving Other Animals During Australia’s Drought


This is why we can’t have nice things

James Woods is back on Twitter!

Ohio family gets 55,000 duplicate letters from student loan company

Far out, man…Colorado hopes a Mile 419.99 sign on Interstate 70 thwarts stoners

The White Privilege test (I’m 6% – “no white privilege”)

A bank employee gave $20 to a customer in need. She and her supervisor were fired.

Florida Man 

Man pumps 30 gallons of gas into wrong part of boat

Florida troopers find narcotics in bag labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’

Florida woman, 68, repeatedly shocks her 73-year-old husband with a taser after he tells her he wants a divorce

Man drives van into Republican party tent


Dog Abby

We run a classic from last year regarding a woman who wants to give birth to a second child despite the health risks. A new Dog Abby appears next week – see you then!



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