The Simultaneous Sip!

Welcome to the Show.

We finish the Valentine’s Day weekend with a sampling of the wine Jim bought for Mélanie, a Cabernet from one of our favorite wineries, Apothic. It was, predictably, quite good!

Melanie had a great show with the Las Vegas Improvisation Players on Saturday. If you are in Vegas on the third Saturday of any given month, come to Show Creators Studio and join in the fun. Find out more at!

Melanie and Jim are appearing together in the play FUNGIE AND THE QUIET MAN in June! We will provide dates and ticket prices as the days draw closer.

Interviews to the Max returns!

Tonight, Max interviews Andrew Yang, and things go as expected…or do they?

The Simultaneous Sip

Phrytzie’s on the loose again! She is a big fan of Scott Adams, the creator of DILBERT and author of the books WIN BIGLY and LOSERTHINK. We watch his daily podcast on Periscope, and he always starts his show with the Simultaneous Sip. Phrytzie enjoys this part so much that she memorized and recited it for our newest animation!

Speaking of YouTube…

Our newest spoof commercial pokes fun at a very serious subject. Check it out!

Inside the Mind of AOC

A bonus sketch for our fans, as Alex opines on several common sayings and tries to get at their real meaning. Hoo boy…

This is 2020

School Calls Police On 6-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome After She Made Finger-Gun Gesture At School

UK Supermarket Forced to Apologize For Asking People Not to Steal Female Menstrual Products

Berlin artist uses 99 phones to trick Google into traffic jam alert

Sanctuary Airport? King County WA airport will begin banning ICE detainee flights

Google software glitch sent some users’ videos to strangers

Virginia Democrats want to make it legal for unmarried people to have sex

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Rescue Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

Lost mixtape washes up on beach 25 years later – and it still works

He pulled his sister out a window in a house fire and went back in to save the family dog. He’s 5 years old

Animal rescuers save dog stranded in California canal

Fox wanders into British Parliament, tours building

Bud Weisser breaks into Budweiser Brewery

Animal Lovers Are Breaking Into People’s Homes In Wuhan To Feed Dogs Left Behind

Virginia dog brings home orphaned bear cub

Dog alerts store owners he’s kidnapped

This is why we can’t have nice things

California’s Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

SWAT Team Called on Man Who Cops Say Unleashed Roomba on Neighbor’s Fence

Get woke, go broke 

Newspaper chain McClatchy files for bankruptcy protection

Florida Man 

A School Resource Officer Threatened to Shoot a Student for Leaving School

Drunk bride-to-be ‘smeared dog feces’ in her fiancé’s face


Florida Otter

Woman Fights Off Crazed Otter, Saves Daughter And Dog

After residents cry fowl: Miami to relocate pack of peacocks

Florida man accused of driving van into Trump-supporters’ tent reportedly smiles while entering court

And on the other side…

Florida man complains after dialysis center prevents him from bringing Trump cutout to treatment

Involuntarily alone on Valentine’s Day? A Florida sheriff’s office offers solace

Florida Snake!

Ever heard of a snake orgy? One is taking place in Central Florida

Dog Abby (For real this time)

An office manager can’t stand her assistant, even though she admits he does a great job. How should she handle this? Listen to Abby’s thoughtful answer.






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